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Brew Method: Vietnamese Coffee

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Brew Method: Vietnamese Coffee

Vietnamese coffee will blow you away. You wont find this hidden gem at your big name coffee shops, so we’re bringing the recipe to you.


What You’ll Need

1) Step one:

Add 1/4 inch or one heaping table spoon of your Sweet Condensed Milk to your pint glass.

2) Step two:

Add 1-3 table spoons of Medium-corse ground coffee to the Phin and place on top of glass with saucer. Place the press on top of the grinds and turn 1/2 to 1 times to level grinds. After grinds are level, apply pressure to compact the grinds.

3) Step three:

Add 30 ml of near boiling water to the Phin and wait 20-30 seconds. This allows the coffee to bloom and off-gas, which prepares the coffee to accepts the necessary amount water needed to extract all the flavors and textures we love so much.

4) Step four:

Add enough water to fill the brew chamber.

5) Step five:

Allow 3-4 minutes for brew to take place. All of the water should pass through the Phin and form a layer of dark rich coffee atop the sweet condensed milk.

6) Step six:

Remove Phin and stir the coffee into the sweet condensed milk.

7) Step seven:

Pour drink over ice, stir until chilled and enjoy.

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