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Brew Method: Aeropress

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Brew Method: Aeropress

The Aeropress is a great method for someone who likes a lot of body and not much clarity



This rustic brew method can produce up to 8oz at a time. Yes, small but a thick cup of coffee. This is a great hand pressed method and it is very easy to use, especially for people who are out on the road, or camping.

Here is one way to brew using the Aeropress.


Take the paper filter, place it inside the plastic cap, wet it and then set it aside.
Next, set the piece with the rubber on the table with the rubber facing up. Place the other piece on top and connect it to the rubber piece. The octagon shape on the second piece should be the top and not the side connected to the rubber. If you look at the numbers on the octagon piece they should be upside down. Make sure there is about a ¼ of an inch between the rubber piece and the number circled number 4 after connecting the two pieces together.


For this recipe we will do one pour, make sure you wet all the grounds.
Start your timer right when you start pouring. Fill to where there is about ¼ of an inch of space left from the top. Wait until your timer hits 30 seconds, then give the coffee a nice stir with a small spoon or a tiny whisk. While you are waiting for your timer to hit one-minute grab the cap with the filter inside and put it on top, then turn it till it locks. Then when your timer hits the one-minute place your cup or mug upside down and on top of the brewmethod and flip the whole thing over and then press firmly but controlled and steady until it finishes. Then walla! You have your coffee.

Here is the recipe we will be working with:


Water temp: 200-209 degrees

Coffee: 18 Grams

Grind: Drip or slightly finer

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