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Brew Method: Beehouse

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Brew Method: Beehouse

The Beehouse is a great method to choose if you want nice balance between clarity and body in your Coffee.



For this brew method its best to stay in the center while pouring and not to hit the sides because of its concave shape, this reduces the risk of channeling and allows the coffee to extract evenly. When pouring stay center and pour in a circular rotation.

Try to keep your pours at the same speed, don’t speed up and don’t slow down, this will take part in allowing the coffee to finish brewing at the desired brew time, along with other variables you may want to consider.

Here is a step by step layout on how to use your Beehouse at home.


For this recipe we will be doing four separate pours.

Let’s use 22 grams of coffee and finish with 375 grams of water that will give us a 12oz cup of coffee.

Here is the recipe we will be working with:

Water temp: 200-209 degrees

Coffee: 22 Grams

Grind: Drip or slightly finer




30 grams


175 grams


275 grams


375 grams

Preferably, you would want the water to finish dripping through around 3:15
so a total brew time around three minutes and fifteen seconds.

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