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Battle Tested: Protector Brewery

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Battle Tested: Protector Brewery

Protector Brewery is the first in our featured stories series. We’ve set out to highlight those who embody the Battle Grounds spirit; those who never take no for an answer and never settle for anything less than their best.




Protector Brewery is the first of its kind on many accounts. It is Southern California’s first and only Organic Beer Company. Located in San Diego, Protector is owned and operated by a Navy SEAL veteran. The company mantra – People, Planet, Progression, Protector – guides the vision for one of San Diego’s most popular and fastest growing Breweries. In a city known for its beer, Protector stands alone, forging a unique path through the craft beer industry.




Sean Haggerty has always loved beer. In his early twenties, you could find him brewing up recipes and serving them up to his fellow Navy SEALs at neighborhood pool parties in the Little Italy neighborhood of San Diego, CA where he lived. At the time, many of us thought little of his new hobby. But Sean was up to something. He was training, he was planning, he was getting immediate feedback from some of the most discerning and honest men on the planet. Over a short time, Sean’s beer got better… Much better. Soon, his teammates were asking for it (begging for it). If Sean showed up to a gathering, he had better have brought the brew, if not, he was going to hear about it.




Fast forward six years and Sean was about to separate from the United States Navy. He had completed four deployments as a Navy SEAL Sniper, combating terrorism around the globe. He also served as a BUD/S instructor, training and selecting new Frogman to carry on the proud tradition of the United States Navy SEAL teams. After his more than ten years of service to his country, Sean was ready to conquer life’s next great challenge.



Entering civilian life, Sean quickly enrolled in the University of California, San Diego, earning a masters degree in business in 2016. Graduating at the top of his class, he now had all the tools necessary to make his dream a reality.

Protector Brewery was born in 2016, with three goals in mind. Create the best-tasting beer using only the best organic ingredients, to protect and preserving the sanctity of craft beer through investing in the community, and support sustainable practices on behalf of the Planet.




Protector believes in providing only the best for their community. That is why all of their beers are made from USDA Organic and sustainable ingredients, making their brewing process the very best to protect a product they care deeply about and protect those who are a part of the community. As part of their commitment to sustainability, Protector donates all of their spent grain to a local San Diegan farmer who also protects our community by working as a firefighter.



At Protector Brewery you can taste the pride they have for their products. They are influential in the craft beer industry, steadfast in their beliefs in sustainability and quality, respectful of their community, and while they are patriotic, they are not political; believing that beer is a beverage over which to discuss opinions and ideas. They exist to serve the highest quality to those who have served, those who care about our planet, and those who will settle for nothing less than the very best.

“People, Planet, Progression, Protector” is more than a slogan. These words are Protector Brewery’s guiding ethos. It is a promise to their customer, their community, and their planet–we will never take shortcuts, we will hold our selves accountable, we WILL protect the craft.


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