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About Us

Country, Community, Coffee

In 2015, Dana and Salvatore DeFranco were on a mission to find a café that was accountable; a place that took pride in what they served. This task turned out to be more difficult than they had anticipated. Never ones to accept failure, Salvatore and Dana set out to create something that did not exist. A café that would transform the community in which it resided. A place where ideas would be born and businesses would be built. A place for entrepreneurs, and artists. A place where people could relax and create. A place for a cappuccino, and a glass of wine. A place that truly embodied the American spirit.

Dana and Salvatore belief in only offering products they are proud of. This is why, they serve only Battle Grounds Coffee.

Salvatore Defranco | The Real Man Show

Our Ethos

It's All About The Next Mission

Coffee for us is a starting point. A place in space and time for people to have intelligent and meaningful conversations. To discuss their ideas, opinions and aspirations. Every morning when you wake up, you are starting a new mission. Battle grounds strives to be an asset for your next operations. We promise to always be a resource for our customers.

Have A Battle Plan

Salvatore and Dana have faced their fair share of adversity, but we know they are not alone. Our goal is to inspire and challenge our customers to ask the question of themselves–who you are and where you can go–what’s your battle plan? We want our customers to forge a path all their own.

If It Doesn't Exist, Build It

Battle Grounds Coffee Co. represents INNOVATION; We have redefined the concept of a coffee company by putting the needs of our customers and COMMUNITY at the forefront of our decision making. First and foremost, Battle Grounds Coffee is committed to acts of SERVICE.

Battle Grounds Coffee On Fox News | Here To Serve

My job requires intense focus and attention to detail. When working the late shift, Battle Grounds Coffee helps me maintain the levels necessary to lead my team to accomplish our tasks.

Cory L. Production Controls Supervisor at Tesla Motors

As a pilot, I’m constantly on the move. When I’m flying to a city that doesn’t have a Battle Grounds Coffee Co., I always bring my bag of Day Breacher. It’s mission critical gear.

Sean Mooney Gulfstream G550 Captain

I come to Battle Grounds Coffee because the coffee is phenomenal, the food is delicious, the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and the atmosphere is the perfect blend of hip and comfortable.

Satin Russell Lawrence MA

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